Pendragon Tonkinese


Welcome to Pendragon! We are a small but dedicated cattery breeding purebred, registered Tonkinese. We are hobbyist breeders who choose to stay small for the health and happiness of our cats. We raise only a few quality litters a year to preserve, protect, perpetuate, and promote the wonderful Tonkinese cat.

This breed makes devoted felines and wonderful companions. They demand your attention, follow you like a dog, and will surprise you with their intelligence. They are happy, inquisitive, and playful pets. It doesn't take them long to have a well-trained human to spoil them.

Many hours are devoted to caring, loving and socialization. In return, the rewards of their unconditional love and devotion bring happiness into our lives and their owner’s lives each day. Working with quality blood lines, providing an abundance of love and the services of a good vet, have all contributed to a very successful breeding program that we look to enjoy for years to come.

Tonkinese kittenBreeding Philosophy

At Pendragon, we don't breed litters of kittens earmarked as pets. We breed cats as a hobby and because we love the breed, not as a business. We breed to produce show prospects.

We take pride in understanding how important your Tonkinese cat or kitten is to you. As responsible Tonkinese cat breeders and fanciers, we take the health and well-being of our cats and their kittens very seriously. Each one of our Tonkinese kittens is brought into the world with a great deal of love and care and we do our best to ensure this level of care will continue throughout their lives. For this reason, we screen potential adopters to ensure that they will be able to provide a loving, responsible, and permanent home. We want to make the “purrfect” match for many years of companionship and enjoyment.

Although small in numbers, we strive for the highest quality through careful breeding practices, selecting healthy and sociable cats that conform closely to the written standard for the breed. We breed for health/quality, type, and temperament.

TonkineseBreeding for Quality: means, titles and wins are secondary to health in every decision. We believe responsible breeding requires careful planning and research for each and every kitten produced. Most importantly, the sire and dam must have individual and familial histories of good health.

Breeding for Type: “Type” is how close a cat comes to the conformational standard set for their particular breed.

Breeding for Temperament: Our kittens should bring joy, companionship, and love. Behavior and temperament have as much to do with breeding as how they are raised. We put temperament on the same level as type to produce beautiful cats inside and out.

TonkineseKitten Availability

Since we enjoy showing our cats year round, we stagger our litters so we always have a kitten and cat to show. This results in Pendragon Tonkinese Kittens being available year round. Please contact us at to check on current kitten availability.

All of our kittens, pet or show, are placed at pet prices

Enjoy your visit

We hope you enjoy your visit with Pendragon Tonkinese. Feel free to browse the pages and enjoy all of the photos of the Tonks. If you would like further information on our Tonkinese cats or kittens, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.